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I’m not sure but I think Hertz may be the first listed company in history to announce a secondary stock offering after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This headline is truly one for the ages:

When I saw it, I rubbed my eyes – I almost couldn’t believe this was real. But it is.

This might be the definitive story of this market moment.

What’s going on, in a nutshell:

Hertz has been crushed because of the pandemic as people stopped traveling and renting cars.

They’ve been unable to make payments on some of their $19 billion in debt, $14.4 billion of which is backed by vehicles, the remainder owed to banks and bondholders.

In late May, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, wiping out the equity holders, who traditionally are left with nothing in these situations as the creditors take over.

In this case, because parts of the market have become a day trader casino, Hertz’s common stock caught a bid along with the airline stocks, trading from 80 cents to over $6 per share almost overnight. Young, inexperienced investors, having little or no understanding of how any of this works, saw their peers buying the stock, so they piled in behind them, becoming the most conspicuous bagholders in history.

The company, sensing an opportunity, went to the bankruptcy judge and said they want to sell $1 billion worth of new equity shares via Jefferies to capitalize on this unusual demand. It’s being pitched as a much cheaper alternative to the traditional debtor-in-possession financing.

The stock had sold off after traders came to their senses, but today it’s rallying again on the possibility they can actually raise money this way. The company is telling the NYSE to hold off on delisting its shares, as the exchange typically does when a company goes bankrupt.

Hertz shares are rebounding back above $3 as I post this, a 60% one-day gain. The latest data I have is short interest of over 35%, but who knows for sure. Here’s the share price and the company’s market capitalization:

$1 billion is not enough money to keep the company out of bankruptcy and return it to solvency – but what if they can do this more than once? What if it actually works?

Can an army of retail know-nothing pajama traders save a corporation through deliberate indifference to reality?

We live in an age of miracles and wonder.

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3 tax tips to consider in the current market<>

As a wealth planner, I’m sensitive to how investors react in a volatile market. It’s hard to keep perspective in the middle of a crisis, especially when there are so many unknowns.

At the same time, the current situation has created several potential tax-planning opportunities. The down market, the passage of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) in March 2020, and the establishment of the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) in December 2019 present several ways for investors to manage their taxes now and in the future.

1. Skip RMDs for 2020

Strategy: Take advantage of a CARES Act provision allowing you to avoid taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) for 2020. If you’ve already taken 2020 RMDs, you can “roll them back” within 60 days of the withdrawal. (The rollback rule doesn’t apply if the plan was inherited.)

How to do it: If you’re scheduled to take your distribution automatically through our RMD Service, you can cancel any remaining distributions for 2020 at by following these steps:

  1. Log on to your account.
  2. From the menu, choose My Accounts and select Retirement contributions, distributions & RMDs.
  3. Under Retirement summary, choose Required minimum distribution.
  4. Depending on your account type, select either Change RMD service option or Delete.
  5. If you chose Change RMD service option, select the Calculation only method on the next page. Or if you chose Delete, just choose Submit on the next page.
  6. Reactivate your RMD in 2021.*

Who may benefit: Anyone subject to RMDs (who doesn’t rely on the distribution for income). This includes:

  • Individuals who turned 70½ before 2020, or
  • Heirs of an inherited IRA/Roth or retirement plan account subject to RMDs.

If you turned 70½ last year and delayed your first distribution to April 1, 2020, you were required to take 2 distributions this year, but now you can waive both withdrawals.

Details: The CARES Act includes a 2020 RMD waiver, an important provision to many investors who have seen their retirement account values dip significantly compared with December 2019, when 2020 RMDs were calculated. Taking distributions during a down market could mean locking in those market losses.

New retirees are often surprised at the tax implications of RMDs, which can affect taxes on benefits like Social Security and Medicare parts B & D premiums. The CARES Act provides relief, at least in the short term. It also presents an opportunity to keep your assets invested in the market so your portfolio has the opportunity to benefit from a recovery.

Potential risks: If you can afford to waive your RMDs, there’s little downside. Of course, leaving your money invested instead of taking distributions carries normal market risks.

2. Invest in a Roth IRA (if you qualify) in 2019 and 2020

Strategy: Choose a Roth IRA over a traditional IRA, if you qualify. Take advantage of low tax rates and the extended deadline for 2019 contributions, which is now July 15, 2020.

Who may benefit: Investors with earned income who are eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA.

To contribute the maximum amount ($6,000; $7,000 if you’re 50 and older), individuals must have a modified adjusted gross income (AGI) of less than $139,000. Couples qualify with a modified AGI of less than $206,000.

In 2020, your income might be lower due to layoffs and furloughs related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s not always realistic to think about investing for the future in the midst of a global crisis. However, some investors who don’t qualify under normal circumstances may be able to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in a Roth.

Details: If you’re trying to decide between a Roth vs. a traditional IRA, think about whether it makes more sense for you to pay taxes now (Roth) vs. later (traditional). If you anticipate earning more and paying higher income taxes in the future, you may want to consider a Roth.

Many people will face higher taxes after the TCJA of 2018 (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) sunsets at the end of 2025. In addition, the SECURE Act changed stretch IRA rules for many non-spouse beneficiaries to a 10-year payout. The result: Your income taxes will likely be lower in 2020 than your own and your heirs’ income tax rates in the future.

Keep in mind that a Roth IRA offers more flexibility than a traditional IRA does. Withdrawals of contributions are tax- and penalty-free anytime—you don’t have to wait until you’re age 59½. To withdraw income-tax-free earnings, you must wait until you’ve reached age 59½ and have held the account for at least 5 years.

Potential risks: A Roth is a flexible retirement account. However, since future tax laws can always change, I recommend diversifying your portfolio with a mix of tax-deferred and Roth accounts in addition to taxable accounts.

3. Convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA

Strategy: Convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA to take advantage of lower income and lower taxes in 2020.

Who may benefit: Individuals invested in a traditional IRA, including retirees who don’t have to take an RMD in 2020 due to the CARES Act, as well as investors who are still working and earning income above the Roth threshold.

Details: When you convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you’re taking a distribution from a traditional IRA, paying taxes at your ordinary income rate, and then opening a Roth IRA with the remainder. When you do a conversion, you’re not subject to an early withdrawal penalty, even if you’re under age 59½.

This type of conversion is most beneficial to investors who could face high RMDs in the future—Roth IRAs (with the exception of inherited Roth IRAs**) aren’t subject to RMDs. Converting to a Roth can also help you gain tax diversification, since you don’t have to pay taxes on Roth earnings when you withdraw them in retirement.

Potential risks: There’s a chance you could end up paying more taxes now than you would have if you’d left the money in a traditional IRA.

You may want to consider the following factors:

  • Timing. Current market volatility makes it nearly impossible to know the best time to convert, but now may be a good time if your retirement account values are down. Many investors stagger multiple conversions throughout the year.
  • Legacy planning. Take into account your heirs’ income tax situations—under the SECURE Act, they may be subject to higher income taxes than you are. Income taxes paid on a Roth conversion can be considered “additional gifts” made to your heirs, and the taxes you pay reduce the gross amount of your estate, which could increase the wealth you pass on to your heirs. Consult a qualified tax advisor about your personal situation.
  • Commitment. In the past, you could undo a Roth conversion—also known as recharacterization—through the extended due date of your tax returns. That’s no longer the case. Once you convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you can’t reverse it.

Keep things in perspective

I’m in the glass-half-full camp who believes volatility is temporary, and the markets will recover eventually. In the meantime, I’m looking for investment opportunities in the current market, using the information I have, to make the best of a challenging situation.

*If you cancel an automatic distribution this year, you’ll have to reactivate it in 2021 to help ensure you take your full RMD for next year. Ordinarily, there can be a 50% federal penalty tax on any RMD amount that’s not distributed. If you’d like to cancel your RMDs this year but automatically restart them in 2021, call us at 800-662-2739 on business days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time. We’d be happy to help you or answer any questions you may have.

**Under the SECURE Act, heirs generally have 10 years to deplete their inherited retirement plans, including Roth IRAs.




  • All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.
  • Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.
  • Withdrawals from a Roth IRA are tax-free if you’re over age 59½ and have held the account for at least 5 years; withdrawals taken prior to age 59½ or 5 years may be subject to ordinary income tax or a 10% federal penalty tax, or both. (A separate 5-year period applies for each conversion and begins on the first day of the year in which the conversion contribution is made).
  • We recommend that you consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual situation.

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“ĆERKU SAM SAKRIO ISPOD KREVETA, A ŽENU IZA ORMARA” Otac koji je izbo bivšeg dečka svoje ćerke tvrdi da je “samo štitio porodicu”<>

Kada je došao na naša vrata i počeo da lupa, ćerku sam sakrio ispod kreveta, a ženu iza regala. Ja sam stao nasred sobe i ćutao nadajući se da će da ode. Samo sam branio svoju porodicu.

Ovako priča Č. N. iz Trupala koji je nožem izbo N. R., bivšeg momka svoje dvadesetogodišnje ćerke, jer je 11. marta u toku noći upao u njihov dom. Devojka je pre toga svog bivšeg dečka, N. R. prijavila za silovanje.

Kako saznajemo, Č. N. se kobne noći potukao sa mladićem, i u tuči mu naneo teške povrede nožem! N. R. se nalazi u Kliničkom centru u Nišu i nije životno ugrožen.

– Nedelju dana pre ovog događaja moja ćerka je pobegla od njega jer ju je maltretirao. Uzeo joj je telefon, zaključao je u sobu, skinuo golu, gasio joj cigarete po telu. Ona ima fleku na nosu od cigarete i na stomaku, udario je u glavu pa je silovao – tvrdi N. R.

On kaže da je njegova ćerka pokušala da ostavi N. R. i da je pozvala taksi kada ju je poslao do prodavnice.

– Kada je poslao u dragstor ona je odatle pozvala taksi, pa sa taksistinog telefona pozvala nas. Odmah smo prijavili sve policiji. Došla je kući sa modricama po telu, čvorugama od pesnica… – tvrdi muškarac.

Kako kaže, nakon što se njegova ćerka vratila kući on i N.R. su stupili u komunikaciju, kako tvrdi, da bi uzeo ćerkin telefon od njega i poručio mu da je više ne zove. Međutim, kada je vratio telefon nastavio je da šalje poruke.

– Meni je slao poruke: “Pitaj ćerku gde je bila u petak”. Želi da svali da ju je neko drugi tukao, a prvo joj je pisao. “Mila kaži da smo se napili, da smo se tukli, da ništa nije bilo“. Ona mu je na to napisala kratko samo: “Sve što imaš zovi moga oca” . On me je zvao, ja sam prekidao vezu i ugasio telefon – kaže Č. N.

Uveče je, kako kaže, taman kada su legli da spavaju, nako počeo da lupa na ulazna vrata.

– Bilo je oko pola sata nakon ponoći. Ustao sam, a on viče: “Izađi pi… da ja i ti rešimo stvar”. Čuo se zvuk repetiranja pištolja. Ućutao sam da ga ne iritiram, da ne upadne u kuću i ubije mi dete… Ćerku stavim pod krevet, ženu iza regala. Ćerka ga molila: “Idi kući, nemoj to da radiš”. On je vikao, pretio, zvao me da izađem – tvrdi Č. N.

Kaže da je nakon toga situacija postala još napetija jer je N. R., kako tvrdi, otišao na balkonska vrata i pokušao da ih otvori.

– Nije uspeo, pa se opet vratio na ulazna i vikao je: “Dođi majmune da te ja spakujem, da te rešim…” Zvali smo policiju, a onda se on ponovo vratio na balkonska vrata. Čekao sam u sobi, ugašena svetla, video sam kako ide. Gurnuo je ramenom vrata, udario je i otvorio ih! Kada je upao dohvatili smo se, pali smo na patos i tada sam ga ubo nožem. To je cela istina – tvrdi Č. N.

On kaže da je njegova ćerka sada pod velikim stresom, da nigde ne izlazi i da se “trese čak i kada čuje zvuk kola kako prolaze ulicom”.

Osumnjičeni za silovanje u bolnici, pod nadzorom policije

N.R. je zadobio posekotinu na vratu i ubod u leđa, iznad lopatice i trenutno nije neposredno životno ugrožen. Kako nezvanino saznajemo on se nalazi se u Kliničkom centru u Nišu, u sobi koju čuva policija.

On od 7. marta, kada je policiji prijavljeno silovanje, nije bio dostupan sve do 11. marta kada je zatečen ranjen u kući Č. N.

Krivična prijava zbog silovanja

U Višem tužilaštvu je „Blicu“ potvrđeno da će protiv N. R. biti podneta krivična prijava zbog sumnje da je počinio za silovanje, dok u Osnovnom tužilaštvu kažu da će protiv Č. N. biti podneta prijava u redovnom postupku za nanošenje teških povreda, a da će u istrazi biti utvrđeno da li se radi o nužnoj odbrani.

Svađa oko poruka

Prema nezvaničnim saznanjima, sumnja se da je N. R. počeo da zlostavlja svoju devojku nakon rasprave oko toga sa kim se dopisuje. Nakon toga joj je oduzeo telefon.

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Nakon što se porodila, Mariji su rekli da joj je sin MRTAV: Posle 17 godina saznala je da je ŽIV i upoznala Danila<>

Suze i radost u očima majke i sina

Ruska televizija NTV objavila je dirljiv trenutak u kojem se majka iz Rusije ponovno susrela sa svojim sinom koji sada ima 17 godina.

Naime, nakon porođaja carskim rezom, njoj je rečeno da joj je sin umro.

Knjigovođa Marija Levina nakon 17 godina je napokon zagrlila svojeg sina Danila, studenta umetnosti. Oboje su se rasplakali i na televiziiji otkrili svoju traumatičnu istinu, prenosi “Jutarnji”.

a-marija-levina-i-sin-profimedia 770

 *Foto: Profimedia

40-godišnja majka, koja je odgajila svoje troje dece, u suzama je otkrila kako joj nisu dopustili da vidi svoju bebu nakon navodno jako teškog porođaja u ruskom gradu Perm.

Danilo je odrastao u hraniteljskoj porodici i nije mnogo znao o svojim biološkim roditeljima, mislio je da su ga ostavili u bolnici.

Svedoci smo svakodnevnih traumatičnih ispovesti o krađi beba sa svih meridijana, napišite nam u komentarima kakvo je vaše mišljenje o ovoj temi

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MARKO I DRAGAN PROVELI SU ZAJEDNO CEO DAN, a uveče je njihovom drugu stigla poruka KOJA GA JE ZALEDILA<>

Marka Stojilkovića (33) iz naselja Krivača kod Lebana ubio je Dragan Petković iz sela Stubla kod Medveđe, nakon čega je sam sebi oduzeo život, potvrđeno je Informeru u leskovačkoj policiji.

Kako saznajemo, telo ubijenog mladića je pronađen oko 20 časova i 30 minuta na šumskom putu u u reonu sela Gornji Bučumet kod Medveđe.

Nešto kasnije, u blizini je policija pronašla i telo ubice sa prostrelnom ranom u glavi, te se pretpostavlja da je izvršio samoubistvo.

“Marko je još oko 17 časova poslao svom prijatelju poruku preko mobilnog telefona u kojoj je napisao da ga je upucao Dragan P. iz sela Stubla kod Medveđe”, rečeno nam je u policiji.

Motiv ove tragedije  još uvek nije poznat.

Dragan Petković bio je rudar u rudniku Lece u istoimenom selu u opština Medveđa. Prema svedočenju meštana, stalno je prijateljima i rođacima pričao da će izvršiti samoubistvo, ali niko ga nije ozbijno shvatao.

Takođe nezvanično saznajemo da su se ubica i žrtva družili i pili zajedno tokom jučerašnjeg dana.

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TAMAN SMO SE OBRADOVALI PROLEĆU Strahovito nevreme tutnji kroz Srbiju, vetar nosi sve pred sobom! Nemojte se iznenaditi ako sutra vidite…<>

Spremite se.

vetar, kiša, nevreme

Foto: Alo!/Rajko Ristić

Od ponedeljka se prognozira pravo prolećno i sunčano vreme, sa mogućim hladnijim jutrima i nekoliko narednih dana. Tokom današnjeg dana u većini krajeva bilo je sunčano i toplo vreme, ali su se vremenske prilike promenile već sa zalaskom sunca.

Naime, nakon sunčanog dana u pojedinim delovima Srbije došlo je do pogoršanja vremenskih prilika i do olujnih vetrova. Došlo je do naglog pada temperature i duvao je severozapadni vetar.

Snažni udari vetra osetili su se u Vojvodini, a oluja je snažno pogodila Pančevo. U Beogradu je takođe počeo da duva jak vetar, koji je neprijatno iznenadio građane. Oluja i povećana oblačnost se očekuje prvenstveno u svim severnim delovima, a onda oblačnost prelazi na zapadne delove Srbije.

sneg, Beograd

sneg, Beograd, Foto: Printskrin

Tokom večeri i noći očekuju se veće padavine, praćene olujnim vetrom. Za vikend će biti osetno hladnije u većem delu Srbije, a u planinskim delovima padaće sneg.

Očekuje se zahlađenje i pad temperature za 10 do 15 stepeni za vikend, kaže meteorolog RHMZ-a Nedeljko Todorović i dodaje da se od ponedeljka ponovo prognozira pravo prolećno vreme, kao i da će mart i april biti natprosečno topli za ovo doba godine.

Meteorolog Đorđe Đurić podseća da je juče u Beogradu izmereno 24 stepena, u Valjevu 26, a u Loznici 25 stepeni Celzijusa, kao i da je to natprosečno toplo vreme za ovo doba godine.

-Za vikend će biti pretežno oblačno, na severu suvo, a u južnim i centralnim krajevima sa kišom, dok je u planinskim predelima moguć sneg. U subotu nas očekuje od 10 do 15 stepeni, a u nedelju 5 do 11, koja će ujedno biti i najhladniji dan – predviđa Đorđe Đurić.

Zima, kiša

Od ponedeljka se prognozira pravo prolećno i sunčano vreme, sa mogućim hladnijim jutrima i nekoliko narednih dana. U utorak i sredu se u nižim predelima Srbije očekuje pojava mraza, ali će dani biti topli sa temperaturom između 14 do 19 stepeni. Četvrtak 19. marta temperatura će u nekim mestima dostići i do 20 stepeni.

Prema rečima metorologa Todorovića od 20. marta se ponovo očekuje zahlađenje praćeno naoblačenjem i kišom, a u planinskim predelima i sa snegom.

– Ima nagoveštaja da bi poslednjih dana marta ponegde u nižim predelima bilo i snega – napominje meteorolog.

Dodaje da će početkom aprila ponovo biti natprosečno toplo za to doba godine, sa povremenim zahlađenjima praćenim kišom u nižim predelima.

– Očekuje se da u martu i aprilu temperature u većini dana budu iznad prosečnih vrednosti – naveo je Todorović.

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“Upucao me Dragan…” Marko iz Lebana je ubijen u šumi, a pre smrti je POSLAO JEZIVU PORUKU PRIJATELJU!<>

Tridesetdvogodišnjeg Marka S. iz naselja Krivača kod Lebana ubio je danas Dragan P. iz sela Stubla kod Medveđe, nanevši mu prostrelnu ranu u predelu grudnog koša, nakon čega je sam sebi oduzeo život.

Kako se saznaje, telo ubijenog mladića je pronađeno oko 20.30 časova na šumskom putu u u reonu sela Gornji Bučumet kod Medveđe.

Policija koja je na mesto nesreće izašla oko 20.30 zatekla je tela preminulih muškaraca na zemlji. Ubijeni Marko ležao je na šumskom putu pored vozila “opel vektra” i na grudima je imao prostrelnu ranu, a telo ubice zatečeno je nedaleko od ubijenog sa prostrelnom ranom u glavi, te se pretpostavlja da je izvršio samoubistvo.

Preminuli Marko S. je, kako navode u policiji, o svom ranjavanju obavestio prijatelja pre nego što je preminuo.

– Marko je još oko 17 časova poslao svom prijatelju poruku preko mobilnog telefona u kojoj je napisao da ga je upucao Dragan P. iz sela Stubla kod Medveđe – rečeno je u policiji.

Dragan P, koji je, kako se sumnja, počinio ubistvo i samoubistvo, bio je rudar u rudniku Lece u istoimenom selu u opštini Medveđa. Nezvanično se tvrdi da je imao kockarski porok i velika novčana dugovanja.

– Stalno je prijateljima i rođacima pričao da će izvršiti samoubistvo, ali niko ga nije ozbijno shvatao. Odlazeći u smrt je povukao i još jednog mladog čoveka – navodi Draganov poznanik.

Takođe, prema nezvaničnim saznanjima ubica i žrtva su se družili i tokom jučerašnjeg dana su zajedno pili. Policija i tužilaštvo još ništa nisu saopštili, a motiv ove tragedije još uvek nije poznat.SOS telefon za pomoć osobama koje razmišljaju o samoubistvu

Broj 011/7777-000 je SOS telefon koji radi 24 sata, a na koji se javljaju stručnjaci za sprečavanje samoubistva – lekari Klinike za psihijatrijske bolesti “Dr Laza Lazarević”. Služba urgentne psihijatrije prima pacijente 24 sata bez zakazivanja, bez knjižice i bez plaćanja, a Centar za mentalno zdravlje od 9 do 18 prima bez zakazivanja.

Ukoliko vam je potrebna pomoć, svakog dana možete pozvati i volontere Centra “Srce” od 17 do 23 časa na broj telefona 0800-300-303 ili im se obratiti mejlom na

Volonteri razgovaraju s ljudima koji su usamljeni, uznemireni, povređeni, tužni, očajni, nesigurni…

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Tara Simov

Tara Simov uz jutarnju kafu je Marku Đedoviću, Davidu Dragojeviću i Zorici Marković otkrila šokantne detalje iz života mateje Matijevića.

Ona je ispričala da je njen dečko bio kod lekara, tačnije na magnetnoj rezonanci zbog dijabetesa, ali navodno i benignog tumora na mozgu koji ima od detinjstva.

– Mateja je jutros bio na magnetnoj rezonanci – rekla je Tara Simov.

Tara Simov

Tara Simov

– Dobro, i? – upitao je Đedović.

– Pa ima insipidni dijabetes i imao je neki mali tumor na mozgu od malena. Nisu mu ništa rekli još, čekaju rezultate – otkrila je Tara.

Detaljnije o svemu pogledajte u video prilogu.

Ukoliko želite 

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